Thursday, 14 February 2013

Trends to watch out for this autumn

Trends are always a huge part of fashion, and they change every season. Want to know what to keep your eye out on this fall? Here are the trends to watch out for this autumn:

Many designers have brought out the leather again, whether it’s made for jackets or pants. Leather is going to look perfect paired with soft, feminine pieces this fall. It adds an edgy sleek look and is going to be available in many different prints, styles and colours. 

2. Embellishments:
Detailed embellishments are going to be huge this fall, everything from bold silver studs to dainty silver touches on sweater and pants. It's going to be all about the little pieces that make the outfits come to life.

3. Loud prints:
Loud prints are coming back around this fall, and they're making a statement! Instead of wearing bold bright colours with eye catching prints like we did in the summer, we're now going to incorporate unique prints and textiles with warm clothing and darker shades.

4. Equestrian:
First it was riding boots, now its head to toe equestrian! This is one of the most popular trends this upcoming fall, featuring brown buckles and belts along with equestrian styled jackets that flatter the body.

5. Extreme femininity:
Those light, fluffy and pretty clothes seem to never go out of style. From beautiful sheer pieces to light pencil skirts, everything girly will be great this fall. Feminine sharp cuts and fitted blazers are also going to be big!

6. Dresses with high draped necklines:
This style hasn't been around for a while, but now the chic modest draped neckline look is coming back into style. They will offer you a romantic silhouette that you're going to love.

7. Red:
Red is the colour for fall! Everything from skirts, dresses, pants to tops will be red at local stores and in designer boutiques this fall. Red will be found mixed with neutral, light colours that add great contrast. If you don't like the full on red look, you can even go for a simple red shoe to add colour to a warm fall outfit!
These top fashion trends this fall will really be seen widely on celebrities, runways, magazines, stores and people all around the world! From the wide variety of the different trends, you'll be able to find one you look and incorporate it into your everyday wardrobe for these uncommon autumn months.